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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage! - Heroes PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage!
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The Sims Medieval has 10 heroes, each of which has specific functions and features. Just like The Sims, even here the active Sim is indicated by a green plumbob, that has been a bit modified to have a medieval look. The role and the relevance of each Sim depend on the quest and on the ambition of your kingdom. During the event, we've only been able to play with the king and the Peteran priestess.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_06The Monarch

The monarch is the first character of the game and lives in the castle. He has to rule the kingdom creating new laws, establishing lasting relationships with the neighbor monarchs and making sure that his subjects are satisfied with their lives.
He's very powerful, as he can decide the fate of his citizens: if someone is hitting his toes or disobeying his law, he can send the transgressor to the stocks or worse, to the pit.
The king can help people by listening to their requests, give resources for works and so on. He can be evil or good, feared or welcomed, it's up to your will.
Like the knight, the monarch can duel too. To do so, you have to click on a Sim and choose the proper interaction: you can choose to fight “friendly” or even fight to death. Anyway, the Sim will throw down the gauntlet and the duel will start.

tsm_preview_21.02.2011_09 tsm_preview_21.02.2011_10

You don't have to do anything, just watch. According to your character's abilities, you will have higher or lower chances to win. In the upper left, however, a small window will appear, indicating the status of the fighters, like their health. A character wins when his rival's health decreases to zero (if you chose to fight to death, this will mean the death of your rival/hero).

Also, if the only option available is “Threaten for money”, it means that your rival cannot duel. It's just another way to mug other Sims. Yes, Medieval's Sims can do that! [taken from "Lessons in capsule form"]

thesimsmedieval_renderf_18The Spy

We saw the spy in action on Rachel Bernstein's laptop, and it was quite amusing. She can be quite a doppelganger though, as the spy can gather information for and against your kingdom, so do not trust her. Also, she can craft poisons and kill people! In the demo we saw, she killed the monarch by poisoning his drink while he was watching the bard in the tavern.
To do so, there is a special option that you can choose while preparing a drink, then a small window pops up to choose which of the Sims in the lot you want to poison.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_01The Knight

The knight is a powerful hero that is very skilled in fighting and dueling. He spends his time exercising in the yard, wielding his sword and fighting in the name of the king. He wears an armor and lives in the barracks. The knight increases your kingdom's security.


The Wizard

The wizard (or the witch) brings magic in your realm. He can cast spells, create potions and regenerate his energy meditating. The wizard doesn't need a bed (well, at least if you don't want them to woohoo!), and spends his time in the tower learning new magics and scrying. Like the knight, the wizard increases your kingdom's security (and knowledge, if we remind well).

The wizard's main feature are spells, that can be unlocked by collecting runes – the only elements needed to cast a spell. From the combination of three runes, you can create all the spells available (i.e. fire-earth-air) – but remember: the correct sequence is fundamental, or you may get into troubles! When a wizard wants to cast a spell, a window with the available spell pops up. You have to choose the right runes order and proceed. Among the available, here's a short list of some of the spells a wizard can do:

  • Curse: the victims will fail at basically anything
  • Miasma: the victims will get terribly sick
  • Healing: the victims will restore a complete health. [Taken from “Lessons in capsule form”]
During the event, Bernstein showed us a spell called "Magic Arrow", given by the combination energy-light-air, and casted it against the king, who got a negative moodlet.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_03The Physician

The physician lives in the clinic and takes care of your citizen's health. He can create tonics or apply leeches to cure other Sims, and is helped by a nurse. The physician increases the wellbeing of your kingdom..

thesimsmedieval_renderf_19The Merchant

The merchant trades special items and can visit other kingdoms to import exotic goods. He's interested in other places' resources and offers a wide range of unique objects. He lives in his shop.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_12The Bard

The bard lives in the tavern and writes poems and plays the lute. We don't know much about him, but if you introduce a bard in your kingdom, the overall level of culture will increase.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_15The Peteran Priest

The Peteran religion worships the Watcher and preaches a simple and humble life. Peteran priests live in the monastery, a huge but bare building, with a chapel and a small room for the sorcerer. Priests spend their time studying the Watcher, writing and praying. They can also convert other Sims to their religion.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_14The Jacoban Priest

The Jacoban religion worships the Watcher too, but has an opulent cathedral with wealthy clergymen. In order to convert as many Sims as possible, Jacobians have a strict view of life, and preach severity and moral rigidity. They punish the transgressors and are very feared.

thesimsmedieval_renderf_10The Blacksmith

The blacksmith lives in the smithy and forges weapons and armors. He can mine and craft special objects, but needs to improve his skills in order to create legendary swords and weapons. He's a great support for the knight.

Unlike The Sims, characters do not live in a residential lot, but each one has his own building where he lives and works. Improving in your profession is fundamental, as increasing your abilities can help you becoming stronger and better for quests. As The Sims 3's jobs, even professions have 10 levels of experience.

In The Sims Medieval you can play with each character completely. Once you unlock him, you can have access to all his features. However, you cannot control and play characters beyond your heroes. Even if your Sim gets married and has children, you cannot control the wife/husband or the kids, they will live autonomously. Also, even when you have unlocked all the characters, you cannot play with those you're not using for your current quest.

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