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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage! - Responsibilities and quests PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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responsabilitAnother relevant aspect of Medieval are responsibilities, that you can find in the character's control panel. Those change everyday and vary from hero to hero. Responsibilities are tasks your character has to do daily (they change everyday at 9.00 AM) and concern different aspects like establishing 4 laws for the king, or converting 2 citizens to the Peteran religion for the priest. Each responsibility lasts for a given amount of time (say 15 hours), after which, however, you do not receive a negative bonus.


Quests are the “engine” of the game, and around them is based the gameplay structure. Like many RPGs, The Sims Medieval develops the life and the evolution of the kingdom around missions that characters have to complete, in order to reach new levels. Quests shape the life of your realm, its characters and story.
You can start a quest in Kingdom Mode, by clicking on the Quest Book. There, you will find the list of the quests available for your amount of points (each mission has a price, from 1 to 4QP) and unlocked heroes.


Once you've chosen a quest, you will have to define the approach you want to use. Each mission can be undertaken in different ways, that vary from quest to quest. After that, you have to select the primary hero for your mission and his/her “helper” (some quests require two Sims).

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Each choice is recorded in the book. And now comes the fun part!

pannellomissioneIn order to accomplish each mission, you'll have to complete certain tasks, like talking to someone or collecting some items, etc. Every move you have to do is shown on the Quest Panel, right beside your hero's avatar. There you can find an explanation of your current step and what to do to go forward.

Above the characters' pictures, there is also a Quest Performance meter, that shows you how well you're doing. There are three ranking you can reach: bronze, silver, gold. Depending on your final performance, you will get a certain amount of rewards and points (that you can use to select new ambitions, as stated at the beginning of the article).
Quests can regard a wide range of matters, and according to how you arrange them, you can create many many stories. Also, during the quest you can meet a lot of people, find many interesting object and make a lot of fun experiences, that will impact on your heroes' skills and power. They will grow as characters and you will grow as a player.

Quests do not have a limited duration, so you can take as much as you need to complete them. But remember: if you do not take care of your tasks for a while, you will be sent to the stocks. Be careful!
If you're tired of your current quest, however, you can always delete it from the Quest Book (but you will not be refunded for the points you spent).

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