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Preview of The Sims 3 Pets - Our impressions - Horses, Dogs and Cats PDF Print
Written by CriCri & Paperpin Friday, 16 September 2011 15:00
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ts3 ep5_preview_03Horses are the most awaited pets ever. Players have asked for them and finally here they are! As we said before, they look really good, and it's great to see them in the game. Of course, they're very big and when you click somewhere when using a horse, it may look a bit weird to see such a huge head :D
As many of you already know, pets' needs are different from Sims', and each pet has their own. Here's the list of horse needs:
  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Training
  • Bladder
  • Energy
  • Social
There's a number of interactions for horses, they can walk, run, eat, play and so on, but they also have special skills: jumping and racing.
You can train your horse at home, if you have enough room to place obstacles, or you can go to the training field and train with your animal. As they improve their skills, they can enter competitions and win money and trophies. These take place in the Equestrian Center, so you can't see them in action but will be notified the results. There are MANY competitions and shows you can enter, and many of them are named after a popular character of the game.

There's a lot of things you can do with your horse, you can even use it to go around the town instead of your car/bike. They can also befriend other pets, even cats or dogs. They're very sweet and can be easily startled, so be careful what you do and where you take them. They also suffer from being saddled for a lot of time and if their hooves are too dirty.

You can build a stall or a barn for your horses, if you have enough room in your lot, but it's not mandatory: horses only need their hitching posts where they can drink, eat and sleep (they sleep standing of course). The post is also used by horses to woohoo and have foals.

As for the feeding part, horses eat hay and vegetables, so you'll have to keep an eye on your garden, especially on carrots (which, for the record, are the new harvestable of the game). Horses also love licking salt! And keep an eye on the hay stacks in your yard, as dogs, cats and Sims love plaing with hay and breaking stacks!


Dogs are a Sim's best friends. They're loyal, sweet and playful and Sims love them. They're great companions and would do anything to make their owners happy. Dogs make friends with Sims much easier than cats, and their relationship is long-lasting.

ts3 ep5_preview_dogs

Dogs have different needs from cats and horses and there are two sizes of dogs you can create:
  • Bladder
  • Energy
  • Fun
  • Hunger
  • Social
  • Destruction
Dogs, as well as cats, can be ordered to guard the house or an object, but they have even more abilities. Dogs can hunt and play tricks! We'll cover the hunting part in the next paragraph, as even cats can hunt, but dogs do it in a different way: they can dig and find bones and old treasures!
As for the tricks, dogs can stand, sit, roll over, shake, talk and play dead. Sims can go to the stadium and enter a trick competition with their dogs.

Also, dogs are the only pets that can swim and they love doing that! They also love walking with their owners, and they just go insane when Sims take the leash out of their pocket (yes, when they go for a walk they have a leash).

As for pets items, there are some objects that are identical for dogs and cats. We saw a doghouse and a cathouse which look exactly the same, but dogs cannot enter into a cat's and vice-versa. It may be helpful to change the color of each pet house ;)
The same thing happens for bowls, they look the same but cat will not drink or eat from a dog's and so on.

Dogs can have puppies and you can put them up for adoption if you don't want to keep them. We know there are some interactions between toddler and puppies but we didn't tried them as there weren't toddlers in our household.

Moreover, dogs can have fleas. It's also quite easy to have them if you spend a lot of time outside! Pets cannot get sick but they can have itching everywhere!


Finally cats! We love them, Graham loves them, Sims love them! They come in only one size, but are fully customizable as any other "major pet". Here you can see our SimsCri catwith purple stripes and different eye colors. So sweet!

ts3 ep5_preview_simscricat

And here there are their needs:
  • Hunger
  • Bladder
  • Fun
  • Energy
  • Social,
  • Scratching 
Cats cannot learn tricks but they can go hunting, and in a different way from dogs. Cats, in fact, can stalk and catch preys, that they can eat or store in their inventories to give as a gift to their owners. Preys can be birds, snakes, rodents, lizards, turtles, fishes and bugs.

ts3 ep5_preview_skill
NOTE: If your cat is particulary hungry, he can eat his pray getting a positive moodlet "Tastes like chicken".

Cats are very sweet, we saw a kitty showing some love to her owner, it was SO cute! We were all like "AAAAAAWWWWW" (Graham included, of course). They can be very clean and neat, but they can also jump on the furniture or hide under sofas and tables. We'll definitely play with them a lot! Many items for cat recall The Sims 2's, but there's a new cat carrier we really liked! There's also a cute interaction between pets and Sims, where the owner uses a laser light and the kitty tries to catch it.

Cats can have kitties and of course, you can put them up for adoption.


  • Dogs and cats can have litters, while horses only have a foal per time.
  • Horses cannot walk on the stairs.
  • Puppies and kitties cannot walk on the stairs, while adult dogs and cats can.
  • Cats cannot jump on a tree.
  • Cats cannot learn tricks. They're for dogs only.
  • There are no pet careers.
  • Pets have memories!
  • When pets meet special creatures, depending on their traits they may get startled or not, but they'll get along anyway.
  • Celebrity pets will probably be famous as well!

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