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Preview of The Sims 3 Pets - Our impressions - Questions to the producer and credits PDF Print
Written by CriCri & Paperpin Friday, 16 September 2011 15:00
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A couple of questions to Graham Nardone

2011.09.09 ts3pets_milan_13During the event we had the chance to ask a couple of questions to producer Graham Nardone about what he thinks of the game so far. We asked for his 3 favorite (and in his own opinion fundamental) things in an expansion pack, and he replied that his main focus is always to fulfill players' requests and bring new concepts for the game.
We also asked him what, in his opinion, is still missing in The Sims 3 and his answer was that he doesn't think there's really something missing, but they always look forward to see where they can take the game, what's already in and what they can add.

Pretty politically correct, but we definitely appreciate his taking some time to answers some "no gaming" questions :)

Pros and Cons

Positive things:
  • The Advanced Mode in the CAP is great!
  • Horses look fantastic.
  • Unicorns as the new special creatures are totally new and never seen before.
  • The new town and renewed lots look great.
  • The "lovely" interactions between pets and sims
  • The cooperation born during the even among the Italian sites is great!
Negative things:
  • Dogs and cats' manes for hairy breeds looks too fake.
  • The haystacks are too "attractive" for Sims and pets, that couldn't stop from messing around with them!
  • We hope that the AI realizes that horses and unicorns don't really fit in Bridgeport.
  • We had some time to play the game, but it's never enough!
  • Our Pc... it was not so powerful as others
  • The distance from towns where we live and Milan, each time we spend about 200/300 euros to take part at previews!

Credits and acknowledgements

We'd like to thank again EA Italy, Fabio, Luciana and Liliana and our colleagues Daniela, Simone, Luca, Kat and in particular Giuseppe, for making the day so enjoyable. A special thank also goes to Ruth and Piero :)
We hope to see everyone again very soon!

2011.09.09 ts3pets milan 27

2011.09.09 ts3pets milan 23 Final notes

Please remember that we have played a beta version of the game. You may find something different in the final game and Graham repeated many times that it's still under development.

Happy Simming!

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