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Unicorns Easy

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[NOTE: You NEED The Sims 3 Pets ts3 ep5 icon  to use this mod]

This mod make easier find Unicorns, become their friend and add them to your household. Some magic powers are also edited.We suggest you to use this mod alone and avoid the use of other mods related to Unicorns together with this one (unless you're 100% sure that there are no conflicts at all).
What this mod changes/edits
  • Increased spawn chance (from 33% to 75%);
  • Less time required to recharge energy power (180min vs. 360);
  • Increased chance for sim to turn plan into life fruit if it has been fertilized with unicorn fertilizer (from 10% to 40%);
  • Less LTR required for Bless Sim interaction (now 10LTR vs 30LTR);
  • More chance of autonomous Bless Sim after an accepted social (from 50% to 80%);
  • Less number of pets a sim has to have with friend LTR to make his household a valid spawn location (from 5 to 2);
  • More LTR for socials where a Unicorn is the target (from 10 to 15LTR);
  • Less LTR required to ask the Unicorn to join the household (from 50 to 10LTR);
  • Less number of pets a Sim must have Best Friend or higher LTR with in order to successfully invite a unicorn in to the household (from 3 to 1);
  • More magic points (from 60 to 80);
  • Less threshold of points where the horse will get the PowerShortage Buff (from 30 to 20);
  • Increased multiplier for LTR liking between a unicorn and a pet, or human teen or below (from 1.25 to 1.50).

You can read all Unicorns' features on the Simpedia >>

Edited resources:

Tested with: TS3 (1.26) + World Adventures + Ambitions + Late Night + Generations + Town Life Stuff + Pets

Conflicts: this mod is not compatible with other Unicorn's mods and/or mod about pet social tuning.
Check for updates after game's updates and new expansion

Richiede The Sims 3 Animali & Co. ts3 ep5 icon


Size: 8 KB
Richiede: TS3 Pets
Downloads: 6427
Author: CriCri
Created: 2011-11-19 19:20:19
Changed at: 2011-11-19 21:15:43


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