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Written by Paperpin Saturday, 21 February 2009 17:58
The official Sims 3 website keeps updating with blogs about the Creator's Camp, written by those artists that took part to it. Recently four articles have been posted, written by SterlingDT, Shtinky, Suza and Tdyannd.


 The creators featured in this update cover several topic, from creating a Sim to lots to the Create a Style tool. In particular:

SterlingDT ( created new amazing lots, that actually always look like Sims 2' ones, except for the light and the gorgeous water effects.

Shtinky ( focalized on Sims, creating new funny and lovely guys!

Suza ( did both, creating coordinated Sims and lots.

Tdyannd ( dedicated to the Create a Style tool, showing what can we expect from customizing cars, bathroom and building items.

You can find the articles HERE.



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