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Written by Paperpin Wednesday, 14 October 2009 20:50
During the Gamescom the staff of SimFans.de interviewed producer Lyndsay Pearson, who revealed a few new details about the three new locations and the new traits.

You can find the original article here.


  • Photographers eye: Sims will learn photography skill faster, photos they sell are worth more, they have new socials to talk about photography.
    Discipline: Sims will learn the martial arts skill faster, they have an increased chance of being successful when sparring or using the board breaker.  They have less chance of failing at the training dummy.  They have fun when practicing martial arts (other Sims get tired)
    Adventurous: Sims get an additional positive moodlet the first time they visit a new location and when they are exploring a tomb.  They gain Visa Levels faster, they can travel more often (other Sims get a moodlet after a trip that prevents them from traveling for a couple days).

National meals:

  • China: stir-fry and egg rolls;
  • France: crêpes, frog legs, a cheese plate and bouilabasse (a fish soup);
  • Egypt: falafel and shawarma (a kebab-like sandwich).

Places to visit:

  • Egypt: pyramids, Sphinx, Abu Simbel temple, temple of queen Hapshepsut;
  • France: Arc de triumph, Eiffel tower - these are the landmarks you will see on the outskirts of the playable town;
  • China: are locations inspired by the terracotta army, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, the Great Wall.  They do not look exactly like the real world landmarks, but are “inspired” by real-world landmarks.
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