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News from Creator's Camp and a new post on blog! PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Saturday, 31 January 2009 16:46
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News from Creator's Camp and a new post on blog!
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As we promised a few days ago, we're going to show you a summary of what we have found analyzing and reading many reportages of those sites who attended the Creator's Camp, in particular and Before penetrating in the heat of the news, we'd like to say a couple of things about the rumors of a possible postponement of The Sims 3 release.

As many of you know, in fact, on August 20th 2008 EA Games announced the launch of the game for February 20th 2009, also opening a preorder area for Canada and the US. In the last days, after the Camp, many rumors have spread about a delay of the releasing date of The Sims 3; some say March, some say June, some others even this Fall. Moreover, many online stores and the EA Store itself have relisted the game release as TBA or Firs half of 2009. EA's newsletter flags, beyond imminent games such as LOTR or The Godfather, the next chapter of our favourite game as "coming soon".

These details surely aren't encouraging for those who have been waiting for The Sims 3 for months, but we still suggest you not to give this news for granted, as EA Games hasn't made any official statement to deny or confirm this rumors. Many sites report that EA will held a conference on February 3rd. We do not know if these gossips are true or not, nor if the game will be postponed or if it is just a promotional technique, but we suggest you to be realistic and not to get mad until EA makes a statement. Until then, anyhow, the release date is February 20th.

A particular note goes to all the players who have already preordered or paid for The Sims 3: keep checking out your order status and act in advance in case the game is postponed.

A happy news, instead, is that on the VIP Area of the Official Sims 3 Site has been published a new blog about collecting items in The Sims 3. Since the blog has appeared in the public area for a while, if you are not registered to the site you can read it here.

Let's proceed with all the news about The Sims 3, starting where we left the last time: the Creator's Camp. As we have already told you, a couple of weeks ago EA Games held a meeting with many fansites, giving them the possibility to play the game and create custom contents for the Exchange. Thanks to we know that the following sites took part at this event:
Grounding on what has been written about this event, we're writing you what we will find in the next chapter of The Sims, which is not all a bed of roses.

The Neighborhood

As we have said many other times, the new neighboorhood is called Sunset Valley, and it is an open town without loading screens, which can be visited differently compared to what we have been used to until now. Some places, in fact, can be seen and visited by the player (other than the Sim of course!), as for example neighbour's homes, gyms, parks and libraries, while other places - such as working facilities, schools, restaurants and hospitals- can only be seen from the outside: Sims can get in and we can only click on the building as if it was an object, thus choosing among the various options. Players with old computers may have graphic problems with neighbour's houses and the whole town.
A negative note, referred by Parsimonious, is for the User Interface, considered quite hard to understand in the neighborhood view, when shifting from a family to another.

As for the time flow, there will be no discrepancies among the families, as the whole town grows old and evolves along with our Sims (if we do not use some families for a while, we might find them dead!); anyway, traditional players can always turn off this option and get back to a Sims 1-looking situation, where time basically didn't flow. There will be three time speeds, as for The Sims 2.

Houses can be moved in the town but only in lots of the same size.

There are changes also in our Sims' lives, that can be set upon several duration levels:
  • 25 days (short life)
  • 95 days (normal life)
  • 200 days (long life)
  • 1000 (epic life)
Sims can get married and have children, in particular there will be random twin births; moreover a lifetime reward will affect the possibility of giving birth to triplets or quads!
There are no new creatures, like aliens or zombies, but we'll be able to create blue o green-skinned Sims in the CAS screen; in compensation, Sims can have children with ghosts! To get a ghost we'll have to bring the urn at the Science lab, and everytime a Sim dies, his/her own things will be transferred in the family inventory.
As for family connections, an adult cannot be the parent of a young adult, while two adults or young adults can be brothers, roommates or married. An elder can be the parent of an adult.

About the abilities, The Sims 3 features the following skills:
  • Handiness
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Logic
  • Writing
  • Guitar playing
  • Charisma
The most important news is surely the introduction of Traits, that is, the various elements that enrich and shape our Sims' personality. Every character has 5 traits on a total amount of 61 ( has listed them all), and of course the incompatible ones such as good/evil, lucky/unlucky can't be used on the same Sim. Traits are earned as a Sim grows up: toddlers have 2 traits, children 3 and so on, until 5. Whatever personality your Sim has, s/he will face several opportunities and rewards, a Wants/Fear-like system but now benefits come from a WIDE range of situations.

The Sims 3 has also several career to choose from, everyone of which can be managed in a different way: we can choose the way a Sim has to work (work hard, take it easy and other stuff), other than gaining many opportunities to make our way to the top. Careers should be the following:
  • Science
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Sport
  • Military
  • Music
  • Police
  • Medical
  • Criminal
  • Politics
  • Cooking
There are also part-time jobs:
  • Mortuary attendant
  • SPA receptionist
  • SPA therapist
  • Cashiering in a store or library
At-home-careers as artists or writers will include many more opportunities (for examples paintings come in 3 different sizes). Moreover, when a Sim reaches the top of the career, s/he will be recognized by other Sims: soldiers will be saluted and rockstars will be assaulted by fans, etcetera.

The way a Sim eats is different and similar to the console versions', since you'll need to buy ingredients and make recipes. Ingredients can be grown at home or bought at the local grocery. Recipes are similar to Sims2 ones, and we can always put food back in the fridge. Be careful, anyway, or left food will go off! Sims with cooking abilities will be able to prepare a recipe with food that is about to go off.

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