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Written by CriCri Thursday, 19 August 2010 21:18
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There are really some sims-news presented at the Gamescom of Cologne in Germany (Gamescom is a sort of European games festival)! In article we refer to all news discovered about The Sims Medieval. This is the list of all articles we refer to in this page:
  1. IGN.Com
  2. Gamespot
  3. GamePro
  4. Sims3Nieuws preview

A full detailed preview has been posted on You can find the full version of this article HERE. Here below we paste some details that need our attention!
  • Taking the Sims out of the modern world is only one new aspect of the spin-off; now, you'll send your Sims on quests, and they'll even level up.
  • Instead of following the lives of the Sims you create, you'll be using those Sims to complete quests and achieve a "kingdom ambition."
  • Starting a kingdom requires you to pick some sort of aspiration for it – anything from being the healthiest kingdom to being the kingdom with the most buildings -- and you'll complete quests to achieve that overall goal.
  • Once you accept a quest, you'll pick which hero Sims you want to control to complete the objectives. At first you'll only have a few Sims to choose from, but as you build your kingdom, you can choose from a wide array of Sims professions such as a blacksmith, wizard, knight and more.
  • The solutions will differ depending on the profession of Sim you choose, so you don't always have to use the straightforward approach.
  • Sim had to fulfill their duties and tend to the sick townsfolk [this refer to the physician showed in phoca_thumb_m_thesimsmedieval_21the demo]. Failing to fulfill a profession's daily requirements (physicians must heal, blacksmiths must make weapons, etc.) can lead to your Sim being fired from his or her job. That's not the only punishment, though -- if your Sim is fired, they can be thrown in the stocks where other Sims can humiliate them further by throwing tomatoes and eggs.
  • In the physician's case, she positioned her patient onto a "medical" device that looked like it belonged in a torture chamber. The leeches came next, and the player had to drain just the right amount of blood before administering medicine. The patient wobbled out of the clinic, not looking much better than when she came, but the doctor avoided the stocks for the day. Finally, after a hard day of work, she was able to take some time off and diagnose the king with blood poisoning. Although it moved much faster in the demo, the quest would normally require the physician to complete research on the cure for blood poisoning and then how to obtain the ingredients (either purchasing at a shop or by harvesting in the world), make a potion and cure the king.
  • the priest played a small role– traveling to the castle's small worship area and praying for the king's well being. In theory, you could have used the priest more to try and cure the king through some sort of miracle
  • As your hero Sims level up and become more proficient in their professions, they're more likely to successfully complete quest objectives.
  • ailure is an option, especially if your Sims aren't a high enough level or if they have a low Focus level, which essentially governs a Sim's concentration and replaces the Mood meter from The Sims 3.
  • Unlike The Sims 3, hero Sims that you create in Medieval will age but not die from Father Time. Things like a plague or murder can lead to the demise of mature Sims, but because this game actually has an ending, your Sims don't fade away as time goes on.
  • Created Sims will also have two specific traits and one fatal flaw that dictates their personalities.
  • Because medieval folks were a rowdy bunch, EA has also included dueling in this version of the Sims.phoca_thumb_m_thesimsmedieval_18
  • When you place a new building or new castle wing in Medieval, it unlocks the ability to create a new hero Sim with a unique profession. So adding a church will allow you to create a hero Sim that's a priest, and if you upgrade your castle to have secret chambers, you can house a spy Sim.
  • customize the interior is largely the same as The Sims 3, only the furniture and decor is designed to reflect the period.
  • your Sims will reside in the same building they work in.
  • Outside the walls of your home, EA added a clever fix for easily communicating with other Sims around the township via carrier pigeons. These faithful birds will await your bidding outside of homes and workplaces to communicate with other Sims your character is friendly with.

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