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Written by CriCri Thursday, 19 August 2010 21:18
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Sims3Nieuws Preview

First of all... we would like too to fly to Redwood as the Sims3Nieuws team! They were attended to the headquarter of Sims Division, and they took part to a really special preview! So give a look at their article! As above, we hightline just some facts from their preview:
  • At the beginning of the game you select a mission, then you need to complete quests until you have completed your mission and thereby play out the mission. With the quests you get the chance to expand your kingdom. In order to fulfill your quests you get the control over a few sims of your kingdom. You have this temporarily control until you have finished the quest. After finishing the quest you may choose another sim to control.
  • When you start up a new kingdom you have to select a mission for your kingdom. These missions variate a lot. For example; having the biggest army and also taking over a random number of other kingdoms or another mission to ban all the deceases from your kingdom. Every mission has its own set of quests you need to complete in order to fulfill your mission. EA told us there is going to be a dozen of them, so there will probably be about twelve missions. It will take an average gamer around ten hours to fulfill one mission following EA. As soon as you have chosen a mission, you will have to fulfill this mission by doing quests. You can choose which quests you want to do, but there are only a few to choose from. Fortunately, you will unlock new quests while you are playing the game by completing other quests and expanding your Kingdom. You could select from one up to three sims, this differs per quest.
  • Daily activities are a sort of minigame, these deduce you from doing your quests, in a positive way.
  • The Sims Medieval is also a game that does not stay true to history, they changed it a bit into the funny Sims style we all know.
  • The world itself looked very nice and with a lot of details. The landscape looked like a quintessential medieval scenery with all its creeks, rocks and many trees. The graphic aspect of the game is very comparable to the one of The Sims 3, but The Sims Medieval looks a bit nicer, with a lot more details. I have no idea on how big the world is, we only saw a small piece of it. But what I saw, did just look awesome.phoca_thumb_l_thesimsmedieval_6
  • You cannot create your own buildings, but there are some already made buildings. You can just simply choose a building and put it in your kingdom. Building medieval premises is a lot different from creating a villa with The Sims 3. There will probably only be a few gamers who will succeed in creating a beautiful an good medieval house, and if that is not hard enough try to create a church! Fortunately, you can adjust the interior of houses.
  • Another thing that is interesting to point out is that you cannot make walls invisible. Unlike The Sims 3, where you could basically lower the walls, now you can only make the half of the walls of your house invisible. Like a dollhouse, you look into the house but you will still see some walls in the background.
  • The buildings in your kingdom are spread far from each other. Personally I hoped for a real town-living feeling, so that your buildings are close to each other and that there are a few main streets. I would like a little village, and from what I can remember of the presentation, there is one. But this village is outside the area where you are actually playing with your Sims, in the Kingdom center. Unfortunately this village will be a rabbit hole, as we all know from The Sims 3. This is such a waste. There will probably be a fewer Sims on the street because they are in a rabbit hole where you cannot see them.
  • When you complete them you will get Kingdom-Points. With these points you are able to expand your kingdom. You may upgrade already existing buildings, for example giving a castle an extra tower. You can probably also buy new buildings with them. I do also think that you can put different kinds of decorations in your kingdom with these Kingdom-Points.
  • There are two types of Sims within The Sims Medieval; namely, the ‘Support Sims’ and the ‘Hero Sims’.  These ‘Support Sims’ are the Sims who are there to live in your town. There are probably comparable with the NPC’s of the other Sims games. Without them your town would be empty and dull. If they weren’t there, there would just be around ten Sims living in your kingdom. The Support Sims are just there to populate the kingdom and they are not playable. These ‘Hero Sims’ on the other hand, are selectable and therefore really important. With these Sims you can complete your quests.
  • There are 10 different professions, and every Hero Sim has his own job, these Hero Sims can be male or female. The doctor and the priest are both Hero Sims, just like the king. But you control just a few of them at any time with a minimum of one and a maximum of three. These Hero Sims will get experience points when they complete an quests and will get better or even get new skills. The Support Sims will obviously not level up.
  • While playing The Sims Medieval your Sims will not age, just like the Sims of The Sims 1. Babies will age into a child but then they stay child. Your Sims may die, but only because of an illness and not because of old age.
  • Because you often switch between different Sims between the many quests, you could say you cannot really control the life of one Sim. But there is a opportunity to still do so. Though not as much as at The Sims 3, but the option is there. There is an option to do quests which only require one certain Sim. This is how you in a way can control the life of one Sim. Your Sims get money when they fulfill an quest, this money is added to his or her household only. In this way, if you control only one Sim, you can buy a lot of items for their houses.

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