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The Sims Medieval: new website and resources! PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 24 December 2010 01:37
thesimsmedieval-PC-Pack-ArtSome days ago has been published the new official The Sims Medieval website: here we can find a lot of new pictures, info and some other resources! The site is not avalaible yet for all countries, but you can give a look to the english version.

First, let's start with pictures: here on the left you can view the English coverbox version of the limited edition (we showed you the German's one here). In add on our gallery you can view 42 new images, including 20 heroes renders (thanks to Sims3Nieuws and My Sims World for them). You can also read a description on quest related pictures.

You can also watch 2 new videos. We already published the new trailer, with Dutch subtitles. Now here you can watch the original English version of the new trailer.
On the brand new official site, you can also download the soundtrack of The Sims Medieval: Simprograms has made a video with them, you can listen and watch it here.

We already tolk about the limited edition and extra bonus included on it (see here): the news is that the preorder of the limited edition has the same price of the base edition. You can preorder your copy HERE. The release date in USA should be March, 22 2011. In Europe as usually some days later and it shoud be March, 25 2011.

Extra bonus included in limited edition are: Barbarian, Dark Magic, and Princess throne room themes and a Monarch and Executioner costume set.

phoca_thumb_m_TSM_Barbarian_Throne_Preorder phoca_thumb_m_TSM_DarkMagic_Throne_Preorder phoca_thumb_m_TSM_Executioner_M_Preorder phoca_thumb_m_TSM_Monarch_F_preorder phoca_thumb_m_TSM_Monarch_M_preorder phoca_thumb_m_TSM_Princess_Throne_Preorder

You can find more stuff and info on official site... we try to do our best to post some news, we are a little busy...

Before end this article, we would like to tell you a little fun fact. What is the new font used on The Sims Medieval official site?
It's a commercial font, called Sava PRO and you can buy it for example on Adobe webstore. If you're searching a free alternative, you can give a look at these: Dark11, Van Helsing, Kelmscott. They are different, but perhaps you can mix them and get a similar look...