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Written by Paperpin Saturday, 23 July 2011 11:26
Italian website reviewed The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles during EA Summer Showcase. You can find the origina article here or read our translation after the jump!



More than an expansion, we can define The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles as an "Adventure Pack". The game, in fact, does not introduce new medieval towns nor new buildings to place and expand your kingdom. Pirates & Nobles lets you experience new adventures, beset on the north and the south by two particular factions. On the kingdom's seaside there is the pirate's ship wreck, while on the hills around the forest there is the hoity-toity nobles' settlement. By shifting from the two campsites, you can unlock new quests: you can face a charming female pirate, who is trying to find out who sabotaged her ship, or you can ask a brave warrior to tell the story behind the nobles' migration.
As you can easily guess, fights and controvery will generate soon, as the coexistence of the two sides is everything but peaceful. Each of the hero you can control can support one of the sides, with a "certificate" to proof his/her belonging to the factions. In this way you can unlock new features to interact with the kingdom's citizens and the new characters coming from the sea or the north. You can, for example, use the secret pirate handshake and make friend with the terrible buccaneers, or act like a squire and gain the consideration (or hate) of the poor population.

Polly wants a cracker

Your belonging to any of the two factions will unlock new dueling moves too, whether it's elegant sword moves or unfair gambits, worthy of the scum of the Seven Seas (you can, for example, spit on your enemy's face - not elegant but efficient).
The aim of this expansion pack is clear: adding new quests for your kingdom's heroes, The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles increases your social interactions, so that players can enjoy creating new stories.
Also, this expansion allows your heroes to have a bird: a parrot for the pirates and an elegan falcon for the nobles. Your flying friend will follow you everywhere: you can feed it, send it to find treasures or also to attack someone. There are several falcons and parrots to collect.
Treasure hunting is also a new feature you can use. With the new quests you can find many treasure maps: if you examine them carefully, you can get the idea of where to dig with a shovel and find treasures. Chests will give you gold and money, but also rare armors and new clothing. The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles is also very rich in content. There is literally everything you want to customize your kingdom's halls. You can find voodoo idols and totems, wooden bars and money, beautiful tapestry and fabrics coming from the East, and tons of luxury piece of furniture. There are also new outfits that you can customize in any detail.

Amusing tortures

During our demo, we had the chance to try another new feature: tortures. In order to complete some quests, you'll have to make your enemies confess the information you need. By putting him on the interrogation chair, you can enjoy "playing" with your victim, trying to break his will and keeping him awake (there are two new meters for that). Each Sim will react differently to your tortures, and you'll enjoy trying every possibility: who knows if tickling with a feather will be enough or if you'll have to use the dire chinchillas.

Final thoughts

The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles is the first Adventure Pack for The Sims Medieval. Coming out on September 2nd, this pack lets you expand your gameplay, adding a lot of new quests based on the rivalry between the two factions arrived into the kingdom to bring some trouble. All the new features look interesting and amusing. The developers team claims that soon will arrive new  and richer add-ons (with new kingdoms to conquer and new settlements to build). In the meantime, you can go treasure hunting with your new parrot!
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