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The Sims 3 console - presented by Sam Player - Karma powers PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 12 September 2010 13:55
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The Sims 3 console - presented by Sam Player
Karma powers
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Karma Powers

Karma powers, which we've been talking about recently, are a new feature and can be somehow compared to Lifetime Rewards. They can influence the life of your Sims in a positive or negative way. By opening the Karma Powers menu, you will be able to see how many points you have and which powers you can buy or are already unlocked, as not all of them are available from the beginning. Here below you can find a list of all the powers, that you can find with each icon in the dedicated article.

Positive powers

  • Divine Intervention: can make a dead Sim rise within 5 days from his death;

  • Good Times: gives your Sims a great mood;

  • Instant Beauty: brings the selected Sim back to the CAS and allows you to edit his body features;

  • Get Lucky: your Sim will have more chances to find rare items, get a promotion, fall in love;

  • Super Satisfy: maximizes all the needs of the selected Sim;

  • Giant Jackpot: bags of coins will fall from the sky!

  • Stroke of genius: allows your Sims to learn skills faster;

  • Miracle Fix: cleans the whole lot.

 Negative powers

  • Cosmic Curse: minimizes all the needs of the selected Sim;

  • Quake Maker: starts an earthquake (and Sims can actually pee themselves for that!);

  • Epic Fail: the worst thing you can ever wish for a Sim! Objects breaking down, fights, dirtiness and discharges may happen!

  • Fire Storm: fire falls from the sky;

  • Poltergeist: ghosts will appear and haunt the house of your Sims for about 30 minutes. The light will turn to red and ghosts are not playable.

Also, Sam Player didn't have enough Karma Points to show us the powers, so he cheated through a llama-shaped object that allows you to do many “hidden” things, such as maximize motives and give more Karma points. We don't know if this will be available in the game but, being translated (the game was in Italian), we kinda think so...

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