What are people saying about the beta of The Sims Social? Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 12 August 2011 14:56
Sims_Social_logosmAre you among the lucky ones who managed to access the beta of The Sims Social or you're still waiting for the official release of this new Sims game for Facebook? We are among those who "expect", but some of our friends  had the opportunity to play and write their opinions on their sites ... let's see what they say!

If you are among the lucky ones who are trying Sims Social ... comment and let us know what you think!

Before you begin, you should know that in recent days the beta version was opened to the public. Some players reported lags and graphical glitches, and only after a couple of hours the beta was closed again. Some of our friends on FB are playing, we see from what they share on their profiles. We are not playing now. Let's hope the launch will coming soon.

Here is the list of sites that reviewed The Sims Social:
You can also watch some gameplay video, you can find them in this page.
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