The Sims Social: now you can change your Sim sex! Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 09 September 2011 23:18
sims-social cambiaSessoIn The Sims Social you can't create more then a single Sim, and in addition you can't change the sex of your Sim after its creation. But this is the past! You can finally change the sex of your Sim even if you have already played with it...
but... change your Sim's sex costs 10 Simcash!
In order to change the sex to your Sim you need:
  • click on you sim
  • choose to edit it
  • once in CAS you can see something like that:

    sims-social cambiaSesso2

  • the game will ask you a confirm, since this operation costs 10 Simcash:

    sims-social cambiaSesso3

We would also let you know to check your mail: Sims Social is sending mails with a 500 Simoleons gift. But, you can't miss a special gift of 1000 simpoints! You need to click this link (thanks to Simprograms and Sims.Mixei.Ru).