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Please follow this instruction in order to install custom contents on your game.

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Cheryl Heather Mason

Age: Young Adult / Giovane Adulta
Gender: Female / Donna
Note: Ambitions required for the hair, if you not have this EP your game will load some other hair

In order to have the Sim ingame just like in the picture, you NEED to download and install these separate CC (clothing is included):
- Skin (free) Female Default Naughty and Nice by LadyFrontbum
- Face replacement (free): face replacement by Aikea Guinea

CC included
- Freckles (free): Freckled Trio by LadyFrontbum (attached to .sim file you can't disinstall it without disinstall the sim)
- Eyeshadow, clothes, boots (attached to .sim file you can't disinstall it without disinstall the sim)

Remember to keep just a default replacement for type! If you have other skin-replacement type mods, you can keep yours but the Sim result will be different from the picture shown. Cheryl uses custom sliders so do not try to edit her appeareance in CAS or she will turn back to a random crap. If you do not own Ambitions, her hair will be default random. If you need information about sim installation, please read here.


Size: 2.8 MB
Richiede: TS3 + Ambitions
Downloads: 4449
Author: sHoNi
Created: 2010-10-18 03:56:25
Changed at: 2011-05-15 02:37:04


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