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Written by Paperpin Thursday, 13 March 2008 20:47

Some sim-sites as SnootySims, InfinitySims and Edenstyle have published some interessant information about The Sims 3, token from the previews reported on two game magazines, PCGamerUK and Games for Windows, that for the first wrote something about the new game thank to a special interview with the producer Rod Humble.

We are a little in delay, but hoping to do something special, we have done a special article that focus on the key point of The Sims 3, cut of from the long contest of the magazines preview. Now you've just to read and we hope you can find something new!

While waiting for EA's official report about The Sims 3 (coming on March 19th at, we can figure out how the next episode of The Sims will look like, thanks to the sneak previews published by PC Gamer and Games for Windows.



On the April issue of both magazines there is an interview to Rod Humble, The Sims 3 producer, who describes some features of the game and shows several amazing preview pictures! Anyway, it seems that this game will be an improvement, more than a revolution, of The Sims 2, because even if there is a new graphic engine (that required three years of development), the general style of the game is always the same one of the previous version.




Humble says that the biggest innovation of The Sims 3 is that it will not be necessary to load residential and community lots anymore: Sims will be able to visit every building of the town, hang out with friends, peep neighbours and much more, because their world has become seamless and open. This means that Sim's lives won't be limited from the bounds of their residential-microcosm lots, but are completely inserted into the life of the whole community. The angle view will always be focused on the single character, but we can always zoom out and see the whole neighbourhood.





Oppositely to the previous game editions, Sims are now connected with the external world, that changes and grows constantly. What does this mean? We are no longer the only ones to be affected by the flowing of time: our friends and relatives will grow up, get married, die, etc. as we do! Sim's life will be closer to our life, just to avoid those Sims 2 annoying situations, such as sons that grow older than parents or childhood friends that remain children while we're going to become grandparents. The environment will also be more realistic, thanks to the introduction of the wind and an apposite shader for the water.




News are not only about the town and the environment sourrounding Sims, but also and manily about Sims themselves and their creation. Characters will have more realistic looks, with renewed skintones and more defined features.

There are a lot of new modifiers, to assure the best customization ever.

donna fat
Those tools are not only for the face modification, as happens in The Sims 2, but they involve the whole body, so that we can create fat Sims, skinny Sims, slender Sims with big arms, etc. There are modifiers for many body parts.


The customization of a Sim is also about its personality: every character will be “as unique as a snowflake”, with its own taste and behaviour. There will be a set of Traits that build and influence Sim's personality and nature. There are nearly 80 traits to choose from, and we can pick up to five for every character; obviously, the combinations are almost endless and they create unique Sims, with a very rich and interesting personality.
Traits are features like being paranoid, childish, athletic, dreamer, friendly, charismatic, etc., but they also include life choices like being vegans, natural cooks, pizza lovers, and stuff.
Moreover, some traits can also be passed down from parents to children.


Thanks to this feature, Sims can have a personal style and point of view in many fields, such as the way of drawing and painting (everyone will have an artistic style – Cubism, Impressionism, etc.) or drinking coffee (double half macchiato, low-fat latte, and so on), or again the favourite music genre or the favourite food!


The interview also reveals an importan news: Sim's needs has been reduced from eight to three. Plus, they could be satisfied in a different way: when the Sim is hungry a little bubble will appear on the bottom left to inform us, and thru it we can fulfill our character's needs!

Lifetime wants and fears have been replaced with a set of Dreams and Promises: dreams can grow out of every situation (walk paste a cute Sim and think we'd like to know him/her better, for example) and, if we “sign up” for that, we can make them come true. Fulfilling a dream gives Sims a significant mood boost, that will affect their performances for some days. Unfulfilled dreams, by the way, do not influence Sim's mood.



Sims also have many more chances to begin a successful career, since we can arrange their shifts and choose if they have to do some extra work (and get closer to a promotion); these are the so called Opportunities.

And what if we run into the boss while shopping? Well, just be polite and nice, you can even get noticed and have a promotion!


It will be possible to choose the tone of the conversation we want to have with our mates; we can choose to chat, share interests and talk, if we want to make friends, or shift to a flirty tone if we want to have romantic interactions. This means we won't have the same annoying situation of The Sims 2, where talking to someone makes you fall in love with him/her.



The Sims 3 will also eliminate the so-called fourth wall: this term is used to describe the impossibility of the player to act directly into the life of the Sims to help them tidying up, for example. To say it with Humble's words, it's like saying “Look, I know you're busy so I'm gonna put my hand in the world and pick up that garbage”.
As we all know, the biggest part of The Sims succes is given to the possibilty of customizing the game as we prefer. For this reason The Sims 3 will feature a tool that allows users to customize furniture, hair, clothes, floors, etc. We'll probably use patterns and stuff tu combine and recolor items.


Moreover, there will be a new Exchange to let players share their creations; there will not be multiplayer, though.

About the expansion packs, Humble says that is hard to build and entire world in one day, so it's almost sure that there will be expansion packs. But, in the end, the game is still in testing, and surely some features will be added, taken off or edited.

Stay tuned in the next weeks for all the news on The Sims 3!
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