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Written by CriCri Friday, 19 August 2011 19:04
As we all know, GamesCom is taking place in Cologne, Germany, and yesterday, EA showed The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles. Some information have been published during the last 24 hours, and probably even more will be released until Sunday. We have decided to create this articles in order to sum up the most interesting details and will keep updating if and when necessary.

Our sources are: SimFans, SimTimes, SimGoodie, SimCookie, SimwayDE, SimsNieuws, SVTimes, SimPrograms, InfiniteSims, SimsVIp

Update 1: added link to the SimsNetwork preview
Update 2: added some info and pics from Simway

New info and pictures from Simway

  • Clothing for pirates or nobles in CAS are available only if you are a pirate or a noble. 
  • The treasure map provides only approximate information on where to dig. You need to search and dig around.
  • New screens (clothes, CAS and gameplay): Simway >>

Twitter Pills

  • Birds are a kind of “pets”: falcons and the parrots. You can train them, for example give it a name, teach it to speak and attack people with it
  • This adventure pack gives you the ability to Torture (well, technically ‘teasing’) your sims. You need the interrogation chair and you can make someone talk with a chinchilla attack!
  • There will Be a Pirate queen
  • There are a pirate throne room and also a nobles ones
  • Nobles will have a lot of expensive interior
  • There are a “ton” of new clothes, such us feather textures for nobles and pirate's hat
  • Pirates get shipwrecked on a Beach, there the Story Start . Only Pirates have a Secret handshake
  • Nobles come from the North and are snobbish
  • New Combat Moves come for nobles and pirates and every Group has its own. For example pirates can spit in someones face during a fight
  • Treasure hunting – At First you have to equip the shovel and can Start to Search for a treasure with a map. You can dig for treasures. You can find many different things, for example some to transform to a grim reaper, money, Ingrediens for poison, etc.
  • Like a grim reaper armour: making your sim actually look like the grim reaper in ghostly kind of way

Closed doors preview for fansites

Preview made by SimsNetwork:
Another new feature in the expansion pack is that your Sim can hunt treasures. Sims can search the land, use a shovel to dig and will be able to find rare items. These items include potions, magical spells and gold bars. In the demo the active Sim also found Grim Reaper armor. This looked amazing. I'm not easily impressed, but this just looked so cool... While wearing this special Grim Reaper armor, a Sim can "woo" other Sims, which is funny. The Sim also jumped into the pit in the ground, and fulfilled a special achievement doing so. It didn't end too well for the Sim, as the pit monster attacked the Sim. Aaron then was presented the option to Stay Away or Move Closer. I'll let you guess which one he chose
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 00:10